(8’33, HD/super16, 2012)

Through an analogy borrowed from the American writer David Foster Wallace,"after" questions a post-modern feeling: in the middle of the night a firework sparkles while a narrator describes a party which becomes more unsettling as it goes on.

"How do we transmit culture from one generation to the next? How can we orient ourselves in time and space? It is never an easy task. Especially for those who used to call themselves “Moderns” or “post-moderns”, because they always have an uneasy relation with tradition and inheritance. Are they not supposed to break away with tradition, so as to free themselves from the weight of the past? But free for what? Pauline Julier stages how every generation has to raise such a question anew."

Bruno Latour, for "Reset Modernity! ", Exhibition in ZKM Karlsruhe.


Au travers d’une analogie empruntée à l’écrivain américain David Foster Wallace after illustre une sensation post-moderne : celle d’une époque où la fête a déjà eu lieu. Les feux d’artifices sont un spectacle lointain et le ciel dégagé est d’une couleur étrange et vide.


SCREENINGS (selection)
Best film price, VIDEOEX, Experimental Film& Video Festival Zürich
International Short Film Festival Winterthur, Swiss Competition
Swiss programm, Alternativa Festival, Belgrade
Solo Show, Cinéma Dynamo, Center for Contemporary Art Geneva
GOOD TIMES GONNA COME, Solo exhibition, Galerie Ex-Machina, Geneva

And acquisition, Municipal Fund of Contemporary Art in the City of Geneva